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MINDFUL CUP was brought to fruition to bring you the highest quality CBD products available.

Life is hard, take a mindful moment and let go. We infuse quality ingredients to our gourmet coffee and tea. CBD, Collegen and Protein powder are just a few of the ingredient we use to make your life a bit easier. Everything is lab tested for your peace of mind.

We fresh roast the coffee, add the natural ingredients and package just for you. Freshness counts, you can taste it in every cup. Our teas come from all over the world. We work closely with the estates to ensure the highest quality. We blend all teas in house and add the natural ingredients for your tasting pleasure.

Mindfulness means slowing down and paying attention to the senses in your body. Enjoy a flavorful cup of your choosing and take a moment to be mindful.

** CBD products cannot be sold in the following states: Idaho, Kansas, Nebraska and
South Dakota**

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