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K1700C   Holiday 36 Count Single Serve Coffee Box
V9913C   Holiday Candy Cane
V9418C   Holiday Christmas Cookie
V9554C   Holiday Comet's Caramel
V9555C   Holiday Cranberry Crème Brulee
V9560C   Holiday Eggnog
V9290C   Holiday Frosty's
V9292C   Holiday Gingerbread Cookie
V9601   Holiday Holly Berry
V9556C   Holiday Hot Toddy
V9294   Holiday Jingle Java
V9228   Holiday Magic Blend
V9565   Holiday Magic Blend
P8216   Holiday Magic Blend Holiday Perfect Potful® - 12 Packets
V9977   Holiday Memories
HPPHOMEC   Holiday Memories Christmas Perfect Pot - 24 Packets
P8233   Holiday Memories Holiday Perfect Potful® - 12 Packets
V9557   Holiday Merry Mocha Mint
V9295C   Holiday Mrs. Claus' Christmas Toddy
V9917   Holiday Nut Liqueur
P80HPS   Holiday Perfect Potful Sampler - 8 packets
V9552C   Holiday Santa's S'mores
G6700   Holiday Tea Variety Pack
V9559   Holiday Toasted Chestnut Crème
V9979   Holiday Vanilla Spice
V9561   Holiday Winter Frost
V9562C   Holiday Winter Wonderland
V9226   Holly Berry
V99101   Home Sweet Home Bag
CGHSHC   Home Sweet Home Coffee Greetings - 24 Perfect Potful Packets
V9980   Homemade Cookie Dough
V9310   Honduras
T8036D   Honey Decaf Loose Leaf Tea
T8036   Honey Loose Leaf Tea
V9434   Honey Nut
T8094   Honey Rice Cake Tea Loose Leaf Tea
V9242C   Honey Roasted Cashew
V9234   Hot Toddy
V9077   Hugs 'n Kisses
V9931   Iced Coffee Blend
T8062   Iced Tea Blend Loose Leaf Tea
V99434   Indian Monsooned Malabar
V9894   Indian Mysore
V9998   Indonesian Espresso
T8077   Irish Blend Loose Leaf Tea
V9086   Irish Buttercream
V9088   Irish Creme
V9921   Irish Crème - St. Patrick's Day Bag
PPIRCRC   Irish Creme Perfect Pot - 24 Packets
TIRCR   Irish Crème Torani® 750 ml Syrups
T7045C   Irish Morning Loose Leaf Tea
V9055C   Island Coconut Fudge
TEGNO   Italian Eggnog Torani® 750 ml Syrups
V9168   Italian Roast
K9005F   Italian Roast - 5 lb. Bag
V9852   Jack Frost Fudge
V9914C   Jack-O-Latte
V9925   Jack-O-Latte - Fall Bag
V9878   Jamaica Mistake
V9278C   Jamaican Me Crazy®
K9006F   Jamaican Me Crazy® - 5 lb. Bag
K1400C   Jamaican Me Crazy® 10 Count Single Serve Coffee Box
PPJMCC   Jamaican Me Crazy® Perfect Pot - 24 Packets
P8019   Jamaican Me Crazy® Perfect Potful - 12 packets
V9867   Jamaican Me Groggy®
V9024   Jamaican Me Nuts®
V9868   Jamaican Rum
V9951   Jamocha Almond Fudge
PPJAFC   Jamocha Almond Fudge Perfect Pot - 24 Packets
T8021   Japanese Green Loose Leaf Tea
A4012   Japanese Green Tea Bags
T7039   Jasmine Extra Fancy Loose Leaf Tea
V9198   Java Estate
V9869   Jazzy Java
HPPJBJC   Jingle Bells Java Christmas Perfect Pot - 24 Packets
V9140   Jingle Java
P8222JJ   Jingle Java Holiday Perfect Potful® - 12 Packets
K9017F   Jungle Java Blend - 5 lb. Bag
V9047C   Karnival Kreme
V9184   Kenya AA
V9203   Knock Out Blend
V9218   Kona Fancy
T7040   Lapsang Souchong Loose Leaf Tea
T8037D   Lemon Honey Decaf Loose Leaf Tea
T8037   Lemon Honey Loose Leaf Tea
T8084DC   Lemon Spice Decaf Loose Leaf Tea
T8084C   Lemon Spice Loose Leaf Tea
A4013   Lemon Tea Bags
V9011   Liquid Metal Blend
G8400   Loose Leaf Tea Assortment
V9144   Louisiana Blend
K9115F   Lucky Brew - 5 lb. Bag
V9715   Macadamia Nut
V9167   Malawi
T8039   Mandarin Rooibos Herbal Loose Leaf Tea
T8026D   Mango Decaf Loose Leaf Tea
T8026   Mango Loose Leaf Tea
V9968C   Maple Bourbon
P8021   Maple Bourbon Fall Perfect Potful - 12 packets
T8082   Maple Taffy Loose Leaf Tea
TMAP   Maple Torani® 750 ml Syrups
V9057C   Maple Vanilla
V9713   Maple Walnut Fudge
T8043   Marshmallow Crisp Loose Leaf Tea
T8046   Masala Chai Loose Leaf Tea
V9148C   Masters' Classic Blend
V9150   Masters' Vintage Blend
V9262   Merry Mocha Mint
HPPMMMC   Merry Mocha Mint Christmas Perfect Pot - 24 Packets
TS200   Mesh Tea Spoon
V9424   Mexican Alture
V9865   Mexican Liqueur
V9099C   Midnight Orange
T8080   Midsummer's Knight Loose Leaf Tea
V9152   Mocha Java Harrar
CCMCMOCH8   Morning Chill 8 oz. CBD Coffee
V9978   Mountain Thunder
V9161   Mrs. Claus' Christmas Toddy
P8226   Mrs. Claus' Christmas Toddy Holiday Perfect Potful® - 12 Packets
V9100   Mudslide
K9031F   Mudslide - 5 lb. Bag
P8003   Mudslide Perfect Potful - 12 packets
T8051   Mulling Spices Herbal Loose Leaf Tea
V9MC-F   Mystery Coffee - Flavored
V9MC-NF   Mystery Coffee - Non Flavored
V9961   New Morning Blend
V9159   Nicaraguan
V9908   Northpole Supremo
V9991C   Nutcracker Sweet
P8227   Nutcracker Sweet Holiday Perfect Potful® - 12 Packets
V9948   Nutrageousness
V9618C   Nuttin' but Kisses
V9102   Nutty Irishman
V9863   Orange
T8053D   Orange Spice Decaf Loose Leaf Tea
T8053   Orange Spice Loose Leaf Tea
D4062   Orca Spice Sugar Free Chai Packets
D4162   Orca Spice™ Sugar Free Chai Can
V9256   Outrageous Orange
T8042   Pai Mu Tan Loose Leaf Tea
V9617   Panama
T7025   Panfired Green Loose Leaf Tea
V9141   Papua New Guinea
T7020D   Passionate Peach Decaf Loose Leaf Tea
T7020   Passionate Peach Loose Leaf Tea
CCMCPECA30   Peace and Calm 30 ct. CBD Tea Bags
CCMCPECA2   Peace and Calm 2 oz. CBD Loose Leaf Tea
T7057D   Peach Apricot Decaf Loose Leaf Tea
T7057   Peach Apricot Loose Leaf Tea
T7052D   Peach Decaf Loose Leaf Tea
T7052C   Peach Loose Leaf Tea
TPEA   Peach Torani® 750 ml Syrups
V9439   Peaches 'N Creme
V9154   Peaks of the Andes
V9981   Peanut Brittle
V9888   Peanut Butter
V9861   Peanut Butter and Jelly
TPEBU   Peanut Butter Torani® 750 ml Syrups
V9969C   Pecan Pie
V910027   Pecan Pie - Fall Bag
P8052   Pecan Pie Fall Perfect Potful - 12 packets
T7061   Peppermint Herbal Loose Leaf Tea
TPEP   Peppermint Torani® 750 ml Syrups
V9997   Peru
V9800   Pilgrims Pecan Torte - Thanksgiving Bag
V9700   Pink Ribbon Blend
V9949   Pistachio
V9970C   Pistachio Pumpkin
T7010   Plum Mango Loose Leaf Tea
V9887   Pralines & Creme
T7051   Pu-erh Tea (25 count)
V9860   Pudgy Pie
V9447C   Pumpkin Bourbon
V9717   Pumpkin Butter
V9971C   Pumpkin Caramel
V9446C   Pumpkin Creme Brulee
V91006   Pumpkin Creme Brulee - Fall Bag
V9441C   Pumpkin Hazelnut
P8023   Pumpkin Hazelnut Fall Pumpkin Perfect Potful - 12 packets
V9230C   Pumpkin Latte
V9928   Pumpkin Latte - Festive Fall Bag
P80043   Pumpkin Latte Fall Pumpkin Perfect Potful - 12 packets
T8078   Pumpkin Latte Loose Leaf Tea
V9996   Pumpkin Muffin
T8081   Pumpkin Patch Herbal Loose Leaf Tea
V9972C   Pumpkin Pecan
V9927C   Pumpkin Pie - Festive Fall Bag
P8026   Pumpkin Pie Fall Pumpkin Perfect Potful - 12 packets
TSBPPS   Pumpkin Pie Torani® 16.5 oz Squeeze Bottle Sauce
TPUPI   Pumpkin Pie Torani® 750 ml Syrups
V9444C   Pumpkin Spice
V9924C   Pumpkin Spice - Fall Bag
V9911   Pumpkin Spice - Festive Fall Bag
P8234   Pumpkin Spice Fall Pumpkin Perfect Potful - 12 packets
T8083   Pumpkin Spice Loose Leaf Tea
HPPPUSP   Pumpkin Spice Perfect Pot - 24 Packets
TPUSP   Pumpkin Spice Torani® 750 ml Syrups
V9650C   Pumpkin Toffee
V9859   Purple Haze
V9857   Rainforest Nut

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